Mobile IT operator stations for cleanroom

Greater flexibility and productivity. Best in class ergonomics

Do you find that fixed mounted HMI monitors and PCs can be inflexible and cost-intensive?

Blue Line has just launched the new Mobile Operator Station T3000 offering ultimate mobility and ergonomics for IT operation in cleanroom Class B-C-D. Equip with HMI, monitor, PC, thin client, scanner, antibacterial keyboard/mouse etc. Powered by AC or integrated batteries.

Move Blue Line’s mobile operator station T3000 around as required, always ready for use when needed. Change the production processes effortlessly and save the cost of a fixed installation.

Did you know that Blue Line supplies globally to the pharmaceutical industry? Contact us here for a non-binding dialogue.

Withstands all known cleaning agents

Manufactured in AISI 316L steel in a thoroughly processed IP65 proof design very easy to clean and disinfect. Withstands all known cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Blue Line’s mobile operator stations ensure sterile and hygienic production in compliance with regulatory requirements in GMP, FDA, ISO 14644 and other relevant standards. Optimised specifically for biotech and pharmaceutical industries as well as for laboratories and pharmacies.

Work mobile 24/7

The mobile operator station is powered by either AC or integrated batteries. Benefit from a battery capacity to work unplugged for an entire shift. When capacity decreases, then simply hot swap the batteries without turning off the system and achieve seamless continuous production. Batteries charge via the integrated charger or external battery charger and secures maximum mobility.

Integrated battery charger


It is possible to work completely wireless with the newest WIFI 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 technology integrated without visible antennas.

Integrated WIFI and Bluetooth with hidden antennas

Optimal ergonomics

Ergonomics can be a challenge in a cleanroom, and very often, the solutions are fixed in heights and angles that does not satisfy all users. Obtain a higher user satisfaction and greater productivity with Blue Lines mobile operator stations due to the stepless electric height adjustment via actuator. Both seated and standing operation are supported. It is possible to swivel and tilt the HMI/ monitor without the use of tools. Expect best in class ergonomics.

High adjustment


Blue Line is a global supplier and based on comprehensive know-how and experience from installations around the world, let us propose a solution that meets your requirements 100%. Contact us here.

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