Benefit from IT hardware designed to avoid the typical challenges within pharmaceutical manufacturing in e.g. cleanrooms. Blue Line supplies standard and customer-specific IT hardware for your pharmaceutical cleanroom environment. Both fixed installed and mobile solutions are available and comply with all regulatory requirements. The stainless steel construction and thoroughly thought-out design makes the product line very cleaning-friendly and reliable. Easy data entry using a keyboard or touchscreen even wearing gloves. We are known for a strong focus on dialogue and cooperation in all phases of the projects.

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HMI computer solutions for all pharmaceutical environments

Blue Line has extensive experience with pharmaceutical environments and strict requirements of, for example, EU/GMP and the FDA. Choose among a wide range of standard systems or let us customise products according to your specifications.

HMI, monitor, PC, thin client, scanner, antibacterial keyboard/mouse etc

Easy to use and keep sterile    

Blue Line’s elegant products are based on technology without movable parts for maximum operational reliability. Enter all data using a keyboard or touchscreen, which can be used while wearing up to three layers of cleanroom gloves.

All products are made of AISI 304 or AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel, are extremely cleaning-friendly and are able to withstand all known cleaning detergents as iso-propyl alcohol, non-deionized water, VHP, Spor-Klenz™, Klercide, Actisan, LpH®, Vesphene® and more.

Using screen with gloves in cleanroom

Customisation according to your specific requirements

Choose among a wide range of standard systems or let us customise the solution according to your specific requirements. This applies regardless of whether you need mounting on walls, machines, the ceiling, with an adjustable supporting arm or as a mobile workstation.

Cable management

Complies with regulatory requirements for cleanrooms

Take advantage of our extensive experience with IT for cleanrooms. Blue Line’s products comply with all regulatory requirements and are designed to comply with the EU GMP classification for cleanroom A-B-C-D, as well as FDA and ISO 14644.

EU CGMP classification

Obtain flexibility and lower production costs with Blue Line's Mobile Operator Stations

Obtain increased flexibility and lower production costs with Blue Line's Mobile Operator Stations. Blue Line’s mobile workstations are designed for cleanroom production in compliance with the requirements of GMP, FDA and other relevant standards. Blue Line Mobile Operator Stations can be moved around as needed, always ready for use. Achieve best-in-class ergonomics. Benefit from hot swap batteries for continuous 24/7 operation. The mobile workstations support a flexible production concept, configured as needed with one or more monitors, PCs, keyboard, scanner etc. 

Mobile trolley cleanroom

Ex/ATEX products for pharmaceutical industries with explosive atmospheres  

Blue Line supplies an HMI series for environments with a risk of explosion, which combine a robust, stainless steel construction with an explosion-proof design that complies with all ATEX and IECEx requirements for strict cleaning procedures in the pharmaceutical industry. 

atexiecex symbols